Friday, 15 September 2017

Folk dance

Today Year twos performed folk dance called Windows dance at the Junior Assembly.
We have been learning different cultural folk dances in PE this term.
We danced with frolic and rollick.
I thought you all did tremendously!
Don't you think?

Friday, 8 September 2017

Literacy week- Author in residence "Stu Duval"

This week was Literacy week at Sunnyhills School.
For Author in residence, we had Stu Duval at Sunnyhills teaching us how to draw cartoon pictures with numbers and letters.

Stu also told us some fun stories about pirates, puddings, beautiful lady with long black hair, Huia bay, and Kauri tree.

We also followed Stu's instruction on how to draw cartoon pictures. Everyone did amazing cartoon pictures!

We are going to try them in the classroom again by watching videos on Stu Duval's website

What a fun week it was! I wish every week was Literacy week!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Fun fruit cutting activity for fraction

This week Room 21 did another fun fraction activity with fruits.We took some apples, oranges, and melons and cut them into halves, quarters, and thirds.We then shared our delicious juicy fruits with our buddies!YUM!


We are learning to use adjectives to describe in story writing.
Adjectives are words that we use to describe nouns. When we use lots of adjectives in writing, our stories become more colourful and fun!

This week, we chose an animal for adjective activity.
When we made an animal strip, we wrote 5 adjectives that would describe our animal that we have chosen.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Fun Fraction

Last week Room 21 started learning fraction!
We learned a half, a quarter, and a third.
We also learned how to write in number form.

On Friday, we got into groups and shared a cookie or a biscuit. We were disappointed that they were fake but had fun sharing them in quarter, half, and third.

Next time we hope we get some real food to share to make fraction more fun!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

One land many cultures

Our topic for this term is called "One land, many cultures" and we are learning about many different cultures such as countries, languages, food, clothes, music, dance, and so on.

Last week, Room 21 talked about what countries we or our families are from and looked at the flags of these countries.
Miss Joo then printed out all the flags of Room 21 and we coloured them in to learn how flags look all different.

We will also be learning icons of different countries in the next few weeks so please bring some photos to share with the class.

Room 21 is very excited to learn different cultures!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

How to make hot chocholate

Last week Room 21 have learned how to write an instruction.
It is very cold these days so Miss Joo thought of a perfect instruction we can write!
How to make hot chocolate because we all love hot chocolate so much!
In instruction, we need to have the title, ingredients/tools, and numbered steps.
It was our first time writing an instruction but all of us tried our best!
Miss Joo also published our instruction and now they are displayed at the back of the classroom for the Writing wall.
Please come in and read our fantastic instruction - how to make hot chocolate!